A Cyber Security First for Education

With industry and government support, the NSW Department of Education has created Australia's first, in curriculum, Cyber Security course.

MCB Business Partners and Core Electronics, supported by teachers, government, and the cyber security industry, have partnered to create a best in class cyber security learning experience. The Cyber City learning experience supports the new focus on cyber security and digital technologies in the new Australian curriculum, and has been specifically designed to support the new cyber security, specialised topic in the iSTEM NSW Department of Education Approved Elective.

Cyber City is a complete, open source, and industry-aligned set of pedagogical resources and methods to support teachers introducing inquiry-led, cyber security and digital innovation concepts in the classroom. The learning program integrates diverse concepts from the hardware and networking level up to programming and the design and testing of the smart city systems, while enabling students to also develop general capabilities in the Australian curriculum in areas such as systems thinking, design thinking, critical thinking and ethical understanding.

Cyber City – Cyber Security Deliverables

What we are delivering for educators

The Cyber City tech experience for teachers and students

An immersive learning experience for educators and students

The Cyber City technology and experience provides an expandable set of activities for students. Activities in Cyber City include:

Throughout these activities there are challenges that encourage students to explore cyber security concepts in their own way.

Meet the Cyber City Project Collaborators, become a cyber security Industry Collaborator or let us know if you would like to bring the Cyber City – Cyber Security Learning Experiences into your classroom in 2022 – 2023.