The Cyber City Collaboration

A genuine collaboration between government, the cyber security industry association, educators and education technology and program developers.

The development, and now the delivery, of Cyber City, the cyber security learning experience, has been a genuine collaboration between government, the cyber security industry association, education and education technology and program developers.

Cyber Security NSW

Cyber Security NSW aims to provide the NSW Government with an integrated approach to preventing and responding to cyber security threats. By building a stronger cyber resilience across whole of government, Cyber Security NSW is able to support the economic growth, prosperity and efficiency of NSW. 

Core Electronics

Core Electronics is a recognised leader in product development, manufacturing and retailing of electronics for the Australian education and maker communities.

Established 2007 and headed by up Graham Mitchel, a former Air Force Avionics Technician, Core’s has built a reputation that sees them partnering with industry-leading brands from around the world to make innovative electronics more accessible in Australia.

The whole team at Core Electronics is passionate about community education; creating tutorials, educational videos, projects and community workshops around Australia to up-skill makers and educators.

MCB Business Partners

MCB Business Partners is a multidisciplinary consulting, project management, media and training company. With an impressive network of industry and education contacts, a deep understanding of the sector and the challenges of all its stakeholders, the team at MCB Business Partners are continually developing, testing and pushing the boundaries in education, industry and government partnerships.

Having identified the challenges for Australian teachers to access quality, Australian driven cyber security classroom materials, MCB Business Partners has played a pivotal role in advocating for and driving the development of the Cyber City, cyber security learning experience.